About Yummi Bebé


Yummi Bebé is an earth friendly apparel company that sells infant/toddler clothing that is either organic, made in the USA, or fair trade. We were created in response to parents concerned about the excessive amount of textile waste created as a result of growing children. We carefully select our clothing to ensure:

  • First rate quality
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Vivid colors
  • Feather soft products for ultimate comfort

What makes us stand apart from other baby boutiques is that we are the world’s first Regenerable Apparel Company. We have an open return policy which allows for new clothes to be returned at any time, up to 2 times, giving others the opportunity to purchase the items in its 2nd and 3rd generation state. By doing this we hope to decrease the amount of landfill waste created by minimally used baby garments while reducing consumer costs. We presently sell sizes 0mo-6T, and will be expanding in the near future.

How it works

Our open return policy encourages customers to return Yummi Bebé items at anytime, once their child has out grown them. Based on the condition of the item, the customer will be given store credit, and the items will either be resold at a reduced price or recycled. All items not resold will be donated or recycled.


The future of Yummi Bebé entails a private label, and its Interactive Consignment Model (ICM) (patent pending) for apparel.


Give one take one is our newest initiative. This program lets parents give any children’s clothing item in exchange for an equivalent item in the Give one take one bin. Items are free as long as customer is giving what they take.